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Liner Notes from The Public Speaker: Track #13 “The Voice”

November 9, 2009

IMG00489This is one of 15 liner notes I will be publishing (in random order) for the tracks from “The Public Speaker”…hopefully it will provide some insight for you into what inspires me when I’m creating these songs. What are you doing with your voice? That is one of the central questions I hope that I addressed with the creation of my project. No hook necessary for this one; it’s just under 2 minutes long but I think my verse accomplished the purpose. This song is basically me speaking from the voice’s point of view (in the general sense)…when writing it I really started thinking about how much power even one voice can hold, and the beat really inspired the way I wanted to approach the track (shout-out to The Synthesis). People can take away your money, house, prized possessions, etc. but you can never be silenced unless you allow it to happen! Listen & peep the lyrics!

Hear it here:


I am…. The power that so many forget

A gunshot through the night bringing sight

To the sound of the plight

Resounding through mics and megaphones

Mixed and mastered and broadcast to heights you’ve never known

Hear me in your literature, feel me in your art

No mystery in history I made it from the start

I armed Dr. Martin, echoed through the marchin’ Jumped on the bus and sat with Rosa Parks and

Take it back to Christ I made the crowds hearken

To James Brown makin’ you proud to have dark skin

I Cooke’d up Change with Sam, as he sang

Decades later I still resonate the same

You stuffed me in your ballot boxes and Voila!

I spoke and the result- Barack’s in office

Match that causes great fires to surge

Burn down old barriers, inspired by words

I am the power to curse or bless, but some use me in vain

As they aim to suppress the oppressed

And expect I’d disappear straight from the slums

But you can still hear me, if you just lend an ear to the ones

Livin’ in it, listen intense to what I speak

I bass in your valleys and I pitch high in peaks

Reside in music, the notes and the chords

The arrangements and lyrics from your vocal chords

Some say if you remove me, only beats are left

But I am that too – so instrumental

I’m the song that you sing and the tune that you hum

It’s far too many people that’s tryna drown me in drums

But I am there in the snare, here in the hi-hat

Sampled with the soul, even chopped if you like that

No need for Auto-Tune, my rawness is flawless

You can try to censor me, I speak loud regardless

You are the, soul controller of my message

Silence me if you want, blast me if you want

Cast me as whatever I’m speaking for you forever

Just know that I, spirit and mind – we work together

I was there from the time you thought I was just noise

Ever since you had a choice….I am the Voice”

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