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Liner Note – Track#9: “The Hunger” (prod. by Riggs)

November 18, 2009

Let me start by saying I’m a not-so-proud member of Broke Phi Broke Fraternity incorporated…WE AIN’T GOT IT! Well, at least it doesn’t cost much to pay attention to this song…obviously it’s about wanting $$ – but not just on an individual scale. “The Hunger” is the need to sustain yourself, by any means necessary. It’s why we work overtime, why others resort to life in the streets, and why some end up in prison or worse. We’re all searchin’ for the same thing.

This is one of several songs from the Public Speaker that I started at one point, then went back to several times in between writing lyrics for other joints. So it was pretty interesting as I finished to see how the final product compared to what I originally started with! The first verse is the personal standpoint, with one of my slicker metaphors in there as I wonder what to do about gettin’ more money. Verse #2 takes a step back and looks at it from a broader standpoint…I mean, it’s people starvin’ everywhere! Folks dropping out of college & leaving books to become crooks & the like…just look around you. Verse #3 brings it all together, ending with a plea for help. I don’t know about y’all but unfortunately this joint is my anthem right now, lol. Hopefully (or maybe not hopefully) you can relate!

Listen here:

Verse 1:
Dollars ain’t circulatin’, need motivation
So ‘get money’ is the motto
Pockets feeling hollow, hope it’s better by tomorrow
But I could never tire, got my will set on Auto-
Pilot…so even if I run out of gas I never crash
But if the gas is the cash then it’s on E…..
Meaning me, to supply the drive to get the fuel that I need
Never choosin’ to speed, naw that ain’ t the ticket
Only go when I see green, can’t afford to miss it
Cuz right now, a brotha is starvin’
Checked my paycheck and people it’s a problem
Maybe I should strap up and get to robbin’
Or maybe try to rap on these hits for stardom
Please pardon, my thoughts but I’m trapped in this box
Gotta make it out at whatever the cost

The hunger, consumes me everyday that I wake
I wonder if I’ll ever get a chance to fill my plate
Not of food, but of funds cuz my pockets feelin’ empty
We standin’ in a famine and it’s spreading through the city

Verse 2:
They say it ain’t no love in the heart of the city
Cuz jobs ain’t enough it’s gettin’ harder in the city
From Dubai to Dallas, projects to palaces
Full scale recession knockin’ people off balance
World renowned entrepreneurs’ companies in a sewer
Skewered by the bull market, and turned into manure
And everywhere it’s budget cuts, even in the colleges
So knowledge is important but they cuttin’ off the scholarships
So scholars with, no other means to pay for universities
Are droppin’ class, stoppin’ fast it happens universally
So what are you to do now, when college ain’t a given?
A 9-to-5 will help you stay alive, but that’s just barely livin’
Make decisions with your mission for a brand-new vision?
Pushin’ crack to get a stack, now you off to prison, listen
We did whatever just to keep from going under
Some ask why we did it, we say it’s for the hunger

Verse 3:
The hunger will produce young killers from your village
Steal and pillage, deal to children for a fee
Cuz currently the currency is low and the money seems to slow
From the cash flow that people wanna see
Constricted circulation, is known just to numb the senses
So senseless acts are really just they symptoms of the cents-less
And please, please don’t binge on Benzes- no showin’ off
Cuz the hungry like to get it in they clenches if dough involved
Won’t say I told you so cuz people out here going for broke
Just to get a grip they’ll grab and hold your throat
I never sold no dope and I ain’t ever had to flip no ki’s
But the pressure from this hunger drives a brother to his knees
Dear Father, we hunger for that bread
Could you send it straight from heaven just to ease our troubled heads?
He replied ‘it’s coming son, now could you please take a number?
Everybody need the same thing – it must be the Hunger”

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