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Liner Note: Track #4- “Ignorant” (originally prod. by Just Blaze)

November 21, 2009

This is actually the only song from the project that I did over an “industry-used” beat. I’m sure most of you this beat before – Just Blaze with the loop of the Isley Brothers sample from “Between the Sheets”. Jay-Z (and Beanie Sigel) originally did a song over this called “Ignorant Sh…” – of course he murdered it. Other cats such as Lupe Fiasco, Drake, and of course Lil’ Wayne have also taken cracks at rhyming over it. So why use it, especially when every other song is completely original? Well, this is probably one of the first songs I completed, back when I was thinking about doing a traditional mixtape over used beats. I liked it so much that I just had to include it somewhere. Plus, the subject matter fits pretty well with the theme of the album.

"Show & flows Minstrel (menstrual)/Leaking on they pads with a pen or a pencil"

We love ignorance. Don’t get me wrong, we like intelligence….but we LUH ignorance to death. Think about what’s popular and what sells – basically anything that is destructive: we’ve become overdrugged, oversexed, and overly violent. Even look @ the news…what types of stories get the most airtime? Why do you think artists, directors, etc. complain about having to “dumb down” for the masses? The inspiration for this song really came from the recent exposures of several rap artists in the past year or so. *GASPS* “You mean, they’re not really who they’re depicted to be? Say it ain’t so! I thought for sure that ______ had more keys than locksmiths!” Really he does – but it’s because he was a correctional officer! Or “isn’t _________ such a goon? I heard he laid hands on a few people!” Yeah, b/c he has a Bachelor’s in NURSING. BAOW! With prevalence of Internet “investigation” ( LOL) these facades have been removed (to the surprise of only a few I’m sure), but what amazes me is # of people who don’t care. Everybody exaggerates, but when you’re really the exact opposite of what your music reflects then I have to question your character, and that makes it hard for me to continue to listen. Not only that, but it’s a slap in the face to those who really live those lives and are trying to make it out!

Not to be preachy or anything, because I fall victim to this same doctrine. I’ve listened and nodded my head to a lot of it myself, but that doesn’t make it OK. That’s why I added the second verse talking about “half of these rappers’ albums I was first in line to go cop/No shock, no innocense residin’ in my sentiment…”. Lyrically, I opted for using a lot of double entrendres to complement a smoother flow in the first verse, and I got a little angry with the second so it’s a little more straightforward (notice how the delivery switches up to become more aggressive as well). My poetry peeps can probably appreciate a lot of the internal rhyme in the 2nd verse too, haha. Hopefully you enjoy what I have to say…or at least it’ll make you think a little bit.

**Coming soon: Young Eazy’s debut album “Trappin’ & Cappin’***

Listen/download here:


Verse 1:
They say ignorance is bliss
So consider this a kiss from lips from which nothing but ignorance is spit
Now consider this, it’s nothing but true facts
Unlike these Clark Kents who just get in the booth and act
Till the round of applause from cats whose guns clap
Then your final curtain calls and your scene is a wrap
So in your ‘train of thought’ try not to ‘lie on tracks’
That could be suicidal, like going against your idols
On the same song, blame it on my confidence it’s vital
While I play the Grim Reaper, pull the plug on you Schiavo’s
Perhaps that was in ‘bad taste’
But my tongue is numb, lemme finish the plate
Done with the appetizer, now for the main course
A little food for thought to forever remain yours
When I talk positivity, I’m trying to reach ya
Some will try to write me off quick & call me a preacher
Consider this my full clip from the pulpit
Just the bullet twice as potent when I pull it
Straight from the brain then embedded in your conscious
Spread upon impact, leave you a lil’ noxious
You vomit all the b.s. that’s been fed to you
Cuz thinkin’ is what a lot of people scared to do
I’m just sayin’ it’s hard, when a fella gotta lie about the fact that he had a legit job
Till he gets his card pulled as a Joker on deck
Faked his hand for a deal, rapper what you expect?
You frown on the fair and encourage the evil
Surprise! Rappers stuntin like Evel Knievel
When it’s evident you place embellishment on what you represent
The excrement you spewin’ in your records causes detriment
I reckon it’s the estrogen, shows & flow menstrual
Leakin’ on they pads with a pen or a pencil
But forget a period! My sentences gotta run-on
When I’m on, my clause menopause, cause a change of life
With the words I write, I gotta jump on
These beats till you hear me loud and clear as a trombone
But come on, I know y’all ain’t checkin’ for that
You rather have a trappin’ rapper talkin’ reckless in raps
So I’m done, you can let me return to my space
I’m past my bars, you can close the case
No more handin’ these sentences, people ain’t listenin’
You be the judge, you can feel my conviction
This is the drug, my pen feels out prescriptions
I’m done bussin’, now you can get off my dic….TION!

Verse 2:
Now hold on, cuz I ain’t done with these rappers yet
The nerve of these actors tryna play the devils advocate
I have to wreck your show, cuz your records show you never sold
You never know who’s really real, they talk it on they records though
Like episodes on repeat, ringtones and CDs
These clones sing songs that seem wrong cuz they greedy
But gon’ get your cash up, pay whatever the price is
Buy a mic device, and gon’ and broadcast your vices
Oh I think they like this, to listen to a fool
Shoot, I can’t front sometimes I listen to it too
I got some dirt up on my hands so lemme step off this soapbox
Half of these rappers albums I was first in line to go cop
No shock, no innocence residin’ in my sentiment
I’m just dissassemblin the image in these sentences so people can relinquish it
Distance from the gimmickin’ and then you can replenish it, replace it with the lyrics then
If the tenements listen you can send it to businesses
Convince ’em that the ignorance just venomizes villages
Then maybe that incentive can begin to bend tradition
But hold up– who am I kiddin’ come here listen
Knowledge is the power but the ignorance is king
We revel in its levels and the devils that it brings
Cuz even having seen the truth a lot of us rather choose the lies
Can’t forget to shout out to Fox news– surprise!
That ain’t news, just a haven for the hatred
Playin’ off of fear and that hate seems to shapeshift
And masquerade as true facts, I’ll tell you where the truth at
Tell O’Reilly he can get it right here, where my booth at!
And shout out to Mike Vick, I’m an Eagles fan now
Did the crime, did the time they try to tear this man down
Meanwhile its innocent lives being taken everyday
Oh but dogs are more important?…..*interrupted by skit*

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  1. December 3, 2009 10:10 am

    Two words: Love it!

  2. December 4, 2009 7:23 pm

    Thanks Jamie!

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