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Liner Notes – Track 2: “Can’t Stop” (prod. by King I Divine)

November 26, 2009
First off, shout out to the producer, King I Divine because from the moment I heard this beat, I knew I had to jump on it! The samples were just crazy! “Can’t Stop” is one of the more upbeat records on my mixtape; it’s also one of the lighter joints in terms of subject matter. It’s almost like a set-up for the next song “I speak”. Not much to say about this joint…it kinda speaks for itself. Even if I tried, I promise I never quit it, this music is my life and I’m livin’ every lyric!
Listen here:

Verse 1:
“A thousand miles & runnin’ till I get piles of money
Cuz people are starvin’, and me I’m just carvin’ out my niche in the woodwork
But if my work would gratify my appetite then maybe then I would work
A little bit harder, go a little bit farther
Before your son sets, I am begging you Father
To alter my life as I pray on this altar
And keep runnin’ on till the day that I falter
Halter-top flow, bringing lyrics ‘back-out’
To transmit my transcript, you get the fax out
Till I get the spotlight, it’s forever I black-out
And run it like a marathon, you get the tracks out
No shoes! All I need is the sole/soul my friends
Just to mold how I flow when I hold my pen
I go within and kill it, feel every lyric
When I spit it so vivid, simply because I live it homie!

Chorus: “I can’t stop it, naw I can’t stop it
The rest of y’all can take a break & just watch me
And even if I tried, I promise I never quit it
This music is my life and I’m livin’ every lyric”

Verse 2:
I’m done murdering beats, I think it’s best I speak to ’em
Get to know ’em a little better, spit that ‘G” to ’em
Let her know what I’m about till somebody puts me on
Then get all up inside her, now I’m freakin’ her in song
She lusts for my lyrics so I give her what she need
I buss when I’m in it so she carryin’ my seed
Call it the progeny of a progidy
Made father from the ecstasy, I guess it’s just the ‘pop’ in E
I’m married to the music so…..
She give me beats but I could never abuse her though
A matrimony through rappin’ homie, I never quit her
I got a fire burning deep that’ll never flicker
She give me bass, for that reason I could never “kicker”
Perhaps the habit of an addict but she just delivers
What I need, so I never been the same
Since the moment that I met her she been runnin’ through my veins


Verse 3:
Verse three, lemme start by sayin’ its from the heart
This is art that could spark a livin’ from in the dark
And in the darkness, I was formerly heartless
Until I found a ‘beat’ suitable to march with
Kinda like I’m King but I watch for the marksmen
Tryna kill the dream so they target my arteries
They wanna violate the violins with violence
And suspend my pen till the end is silence (shhhh…..)
But I withstand attempts to disband
And kick me out the club like I missed my wristband
Listenin’ to speech about the shine & glistenin’
Sickenin’, makes me wanna slit my wrists man!
But no suicide, I only need a few to ride
With me on this journey, lemme take you to the truer side
You decide whatever hiphop you rock with
Regardless I got it, never opt to stop this”


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