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King I Divine – “Crown Jewelz Pt. 2” is out!

December 2, 2009

I may do music, but in many respects I’m a fan first. As a fan, I feel privileged to spotlight those that really advance the artform because true artistry is so rarely spotlighted nowadays. Those of you who’ve heard my album mixtape (check the sidebar!) know that I used beats from several producers to give it a cohesive sound. One of the talented beatsmiths,  King I Divine is responsible for the earcandy that inspired my lyrics on both “Blue Dreams” and “Can’t Stop“. I first heard about dude while perusing random Youtube videos of beats, and I came across one of the many beat-making videos he has one the ‘Net.  Needless to say, after hearing one beat I made it my business to reach out and see if I could jump on some of his production.  Despite being so talented, he’s a real humble cat too.  K.I. Divine’s  original Crown Jewelz beat tape gave him a nice buzz, and now he’s back with Crown Jewelz Pt. 2!! Word is spreading quick and take my word for it…if you’re as big a fan of flat-out great hiphop like I am, this is a MUST LISTEN….eazy! And I’mma have to reserve my spot for any rapper slots he has on future projects, LOL!!! All of the sudden I have that “must-write” feeling again…uh oh.

Download Crown Jewelz Pt. 2 here:

Official website:

Be blessed & be eazy.

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