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Liner Note- Track #5: “Cream” (prod. by The Synthesis)

December 6, 2009
Ahh….the allure of money! I’ve always been really big on the storytelling aspect of artistry, and even though most of “The Public Speaker” is exactly that, I wanted to do one that allowed me to narrate a fictional tale about somebody else. “Cream” is another joint produced by The Synthesis, and immediately when I heard the beat I thought of Scarface, one of my favorite rappers…him being one of the best hiphop storytellers of all time, I figured it was only right to try and see what I could come up with & channel my inner Slick Rick. For those who like the hook, it’s really just 4 random bars that I came up with waaaay before I actually came up with the song concept. After I selected a beat basically I just continued where those lines left off and this is what I came up with.

As far as the story goes, it’s a rather lighthearted cautionary tale about someone who gets caught up in his own hype and pays for it dearly, so to speak. Honestly, even though the subject matter is serious I intentionally went at it with a lighter tone because I figured a dark, intricate & brooding story could weigh down the mixtape. As a result, it’s a bit more Aesop’s Fables than Michael Crichton so hopefully you’re entertained by it.

So shake your head, laugh @ the appropriate points, and enjoy, LOL!

To listen, either skip to the song on the sidebar or click here:

Microphone check 1,2 here and beyond
I bring on, the light to everything that I sign on
Amazin how these groupies trekkin’ for a star to Clingon
Race for your space brother, better tell ’em ‘be gone’

I speak on, this fella named Greg, a good dude
Momma taught him to respect women, even cook food
Hood dudes paid him no mind, to them he was a foreigner
Call a square cuz he stayed in the same four corners
Of the block that he was livin’ in, not making any dividends
Bright future though, all the college were sendin’ him
Them letters, he studied hard to life could be better
Hood rats wasn’t checkin’, they want dudes with the cheddar
In the trap with the stacks they begat from that crack
Same brothas now layin’ in the pen on they back
That’s that, scratch that…Greg’s on the fast track
Same chicks from before want him and he laugh at ’em like like…..

Now Greg was doin’ cool, homie was doing fine
It’s all change now, he pocketin’ all the dimes
Big business bruh, he made it rain every weekend
In the strip club, thick guls onlookers peepin’
Observin’ the scene while he flashes and gleams
Oblivious in a dream while some just plot & scheme
Lookin’ like a meal ticket when people starvin’
Talkin’ about “he got money, didn’t he graduate from Harvard’?
One night he got too drunk – his first mistake
Tried to get with a stripper – his worst mistake
A 5’5′ thick-thighed shawty named Ms. Cream
Took advantage of his weakness & started for his jeans (literally)
Door closed in the VIP with no clothes
She let him slide in, but the next was a no-no
He got it wet, no raincoat, juiced from the sex
9 months later, she givin’ birth to a check

Verse 3:
Now Greg may have been a fool but the brother wasn’t stupid
Wasn’t Cupid that induced it, made the lady wanna do it
She gave a piece of her cream pie, just to get a piece of his
And to make matters worse, she’s givin’ birth with twins
Now it could end like this, but Greg’s worst fear
Was being tied to a lie for about 18 years
Besides Ms. Cream was a skeezer, he knew that
‘If I hit that quick, then probably a gang of dudes been through that’
That’s what he thought, like ‘man, if only she woulda swallowed it’
He wouldn’t have to play detective, steady on that Maury tip
Is he really the father, no lie, the question bothered him
Who knew the type of seamen that her lower deck was harborin’
So to the clinic he went to take a little test
Results came back positive, my God, what’s next?
Doctor said ‘sit down son’…paused and then he told him
You got HIV now, here’s some cream for your scrotum”

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