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Liner Note – Track #12: Lost (prod. by The Synthesis)

December 7, 2009
If any song from the mixtape encapsulates the feeling of a person’s frustration of trying to make it in the world, this is it. Anyone who ever felt uncertain or lost about where they’re headed in life may find they can relate. It could be doubts about you living up to a higher standard religion-wise, or just unsure of being able to reach your earthly goals. I mean, maybe you’ve graduated HS/College thinking everything else would fall into place, only to find that you have NO CLUE where your life is heading & you almost feel like you’re biding your time. Just thinking about all the things we go through just to get “another piece of paper” can be depressing…and for what? To have to hustle even harder for the next piece of paper?

But rather than wallow in depression, the third verse is me resolving to persevere regardless (almost like a prelude to Track 14 “A New Day”). It’s alright to feel lost, but eventually if you can’t navigate the labyrinth then you’ve gotta blaze a trail through it!

Shout out to The Synthesis on this beat…the horns are sick!

Listen here:

Bread of heaven, unleavened, no rising
Just license, my eyes rise to the horizon
For Zion, climbing out the messes that I’m in
Now ain’t it surprising how I lie every ‘Amen’
Something like a hypocrite, I’m just a little fish
In this full-scale school of fools, swimming against the rules
With no principals, I guess I’m class-less
Searching for a healing in these cuts & scratches
Backwards logic – perhpas this is catharsis
If it don’t apply to you then just disregard it
We’re all sinners, this is my confession in the booth
Of how a brotha like me is still searchin’ for the truth
In the midst of it all I’m still searchin’ for that Coupe
Wanna ride top-down, people searchin’ for the roof
Poof! Imagination but pardon my salivatin’
I’m just patient and I’m waiting for my day for salvation

I’m lost, I can’t seem to find my way
Thought I could, but I can’t – guess it’s time to pray
Wishin’ I could take off, and grab the sky
I’m just tryin’ not to let my life pass me by

Verse 2:
Sometimes, I wanna get away from this life
No suicide, I’m sayin’ just escape for a night
When school and the 9-to-5 keep on clashin’
I’m a slave to the job just to get my Master’s
It still doesn’t guarantee a better career
Fear sets in…I start asking “why am I here?”
Wanna succeed on Earth, a lost seed from birth it seems
With no means what good is it worth to dream?
My second degree, and I still ain’t got a clue
What I wanna do or maybe what path to pursue
Sittin’ in the class, daydreamin’ through the lectures
Powerpoints, midterms, finals that I’m tethered to
Keep me stressed out, so my time stretched out
All the while hoping that it helps me get my next job
Yes y’all I’m lost, needing a Savior
It’s crazy….all of this for another piece of paper?


Verse 3:
Through the struggles and the pain and the trouble I remain
And if it’s in my reach I’mma juggle it the same
Maybe I have to hustle just to gain
But if I gotta weight, I’mma lift with every muscle in my frame
That’s the motto- repeat it in my head till I’m fed up
To get up, get out and get somethin’ never let up
Keep my head up and strive on, till the day I’m bygone
And the sky’s own sun just dies on the horizon
And night’s on, the lights on the stars I rely on
To guide on and help a lost angel trying to fly home
I try on my wings, gotta be strong for me
Don’t know where I’m going but I sho’ll do long to see
On this longest freeway I travel each day
With this song on replay I’m gone to meet fate
With a fire in my belly and these words from my lips
This is postcard, I go far and write about the trip like that….”

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