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Liner Notes – Track #1: The Introduction (prod. by IllPill)

December 13, 2009
This is of course the intro song…produced by IllPill of Soulfresh Productions. For this, first I thought about doing something hard-hitting where I “go in” on the first song & let y’all know I could really spit, but that’s a little cliche nowadays so I decided to make it something that would set the backdrop for the rest of the project. In case you hadn’t heard, I saved the no-holds-barred lyrical murder session for the Bonus! That way, it wouldn’t mess up the artistic direction I was trying to go in. With this, I realize that that this project will be the first time a lot of people have ever heard of me, so it’s really a glimpse into what I’m about. You could almost consider it a microcosm of the “Eazy” experience when I talk about my church background, refusing to compromise within my songs, how I’m far from where I where I plan to be, etc. Kudos to anyone who caught the “Good Humor” line on the first listen!

Listen Here:

This is the introduction, there will be no interruptions
To the subjects I’m discussin’, simply put- I got the flo’
Son of a preacherman, grew up in the gospel
And everybody told me that hiphop was hostile
Well consider me an apostle- I’m following the Son
Until His shine is mine – I guess my journey’s just begun
In this odyssey, perhaps you may consider me an oddity
Cuz I consider it robbery to rap about commodity
You see, that ain’t my job to be a salesman
That pales in comparison to marriage’n the message in my music
If I choose to abuse it, maybe it’s best I lose it
I refuse to be a booster, let these other fools produce it
Now pardon my expression but this is the first impression
Had to get it out the way, so as not to curse my blessings
I’m confessin’ in my songs where I’m weak & where I’m strong
How I long for these poems to find a place where they belong
And I’m gone…
Now as I grace the podium
Lemme address the masses with these thoughts that I’m showin’ ’em
Distribute it, no censorship, artistry is limitless
Gimmickless, y’all can eat it up like it’s licorice
Mr. “Good Bars”, the rest of ’em is Snickers
I laugh at these Nutty Buddies, they never deliver
That’s “Good Humor”- ok maybe you didn’t catch that
I’m givin’ you the best rap, that feel it in your chest rap
I hope you can accept that no curses in my verses
I can get a point across just fine, for what it’s worth
Now I’ll try to keep it simple just for you & yours to get into
I can spit it complex, but only if it massages your mental
On these instrumentals, but that’s ok, enough teasin’
On with the program, and by the way my name is Eazy….
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