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Liner Notes – Track#8: “Blue Dreams” (prod. by King I Divine)

December 21, 2009
This is one of the songs that has gotten the strongest response so far from everyone. You know, it’s like we all have dreams and aspirations in life that we wish to accomplish, but the incessant humdrum of everyday life and “the grind” beats our hopes down until you see those lofty goals through jaded glasses. To me, it’s as if I still have these dreams and I want to realize them someday, but they’ve been pushed to the back of my mind because of the current reality – which isn’t bad but yet so far away from where I wanna be. No matter how good you are at something, inevitably you’ll have times where you question your ability to excel, particularly when it seems that you have so much competition. King I Divine created a masterful beat here and honestly I think it’s one of the tracks that I really just melted into lyrically because the chemistry felt perfect. Forget trying to impress folks – the words just spilled out of me! Unlike most songs on The Public Speaker, I opted to include only two verses here b/c really I thought I covered everything I needed to say with the first two (then the song “Lost” could almost be considered as a continuation). So family, what do you do when your dreams are blue?

Listen here:

Sometimes I struggle with my confidence
It’s not like I ain’t confident, I know I got talent
But will anyone else acknowledge it?
It do seem like everybody’s a rapper
And I’m choosing a route that’s doomed to fail
Just like my hoop dreams
What makes me so special? Sometimes I don’t even know
But I’m better than most of those with a CD in the sto’
What I need just to blow? Just get my feet in the do’
I’ll do the rest myself, it’s nothin’ I ain’t seen befo’
But reality is, it’s fallacy kid – I’m saddened by this
Unhappiness at what my salary is
Because I can’t afford the money to support my dream
Of course this theme, begins to run the course of things
When that doubt creeps in it’s such a sordid scene
The more I dream, the more it seems to bore at me
But I just maintain, that’s all that I can do
And for that reason, it’s kinda like I’m dreamin’ in blue

What do you do when your dreams are blue?
When your options are few, do you have a clue? (What do you do?)
(Repeat 4X)

Time waits for no man, I keep watch on the tickin’
Wonderin’, when it’s my turn for folks to really wanna listen
To someone who’s really spittin’ what the good God has given
Prayin’, for the day I do my art for a livin’
Then I turn on the radio just for a change of pace
And it seems like some posers are winnin’ the same race that I’m runnin’
You mean to tell me that if I dance
Sound as ignorant as possible, wear skinny little pants
Then I’ll maybe have a chance to see my fanbase advance?
You can miss me with that, that ain’t even in my plans homie
I’m in my stance lonely, never a man phony
Just understand that I will stand as a man only
But still I know it’s the road less traveled
That fact alone’s enough to make some people unravel
But I just maintain, that’s all that I can do
And for that reason, it’s kinda like I’m dreamin’ in blue

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