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Liner Notes – Track #7: “Doin’ What I Please” (prod. by Riggs)

December 28, 2009

“Feeling good, feeling great? I’m feeling great, feeling good how are you?” (c) Sir Luscious Leftfoot

“Doin’ What I Please” is easily the lightest song on The Public Speaker…Riggs made a nice, feel-good beat with a nice vocal sample that served as the hook. Lyrically, this is one of the more entertaining songs from the project, it’s pretty wordplay-heavy without being unnecessarily verbose. Simply put, it’s a song about feeling good…nothing wrong with that right?

Listen here:

Verse 1:
Tell me that you feelin’ him, master of the riddlin’
Energetic flow, call these other rappers Ritalin
No stoppin these cacophonies, philosophy like Socrates
Rappers never bother me, I steal they show it’s robbery
This music ain’t a job to me because I do it all for free
I rock a beat and probably these bloggers will be jockin’ me
Possibly they tired of the hypocrisy and mockery
Or maybe it’s the way I run a track just like I’m joggin’, G
Never sweat, clever? Yes this music is forever
Hiphop is alive, that’s right- it ain’t never left
Perhaps I write in left-field, consider me a Sheffield
Simply cuz my lyrics are hittin’ just like a vet will
Never had to run the base, never had to pitch or sling
No strikes on my record, I aspire to be better than
Whoever’s in my stadium, I’mma find a way to win
I don’t need the sun to shine dog, I am radiant

Verse 2:
No matter if I rappin’ em, record sales platinum
I remain the happy one, regardless of the happenin’
Perhaps insane are these thoughts ingrained
But it’s the only way I know to keep my goals in range
No stress, no less than the best, I profess see
Dressed to impress, freshness is my legacy
Flyer than a Pegasus, try not to be an Icarus
But the heat I spit melts the wax, how sick is this?
Mythical, lyrical, miracle spit a few bars
Wrapped nice, I’m a gifted individual
Gifted individual? Yeah it’s nothing typical
The real that you feel in my syllables is spiritual
This is so soulful, I’m doing my thing
And all my folks out there I hope you’re doing the same
I’m pursuing the change with the truest of frames
Eyes focused on the prize till I’m through with the game- Eazy!

Verse 3:
I work hard during the week and even harder on the weekends
Peekin’, seekin’ a beat so rappin’ I can begin
No money for a studio, forget it I’m in the mood to flow
So an old mic and laptop is all I’m usin’ so
Truly bro, this is my passion and I’m livin’ it
Long as I’m givin’ it to the masses I’m never truly broke
Bluest notes sound like I’m rappin’ in the rain
Then I see my wife and what do you know? I’m happy once again,
Gain at times I wonder when I look within the game
All the profits I could pocket if I try to entertain, -tain
But I can’t rock it, rather go against the grain
You see them flossing with their watches? Only monkeys with a chain, chain
And I’m cool, name me no fool
I’m using my schooling to get my own lane, lane
And when I choose, promise I never lose
Never ceasing till completing and Eazy is the name, name”

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