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10 Honest Things About Me

January 4, 2010

Since I was tagged last month by my homegirl Jamie Fleming of (great blog!), I figure I’d follow through on my obligation and give y’all ten honest things about me as an artist and individual.

1.  This will come as no surprise to those that know me but growing up, I’ve always been known as a very quiet individual…I’m talking “so shy that I’m socially awkward” quiet…fast forward a few years and hear I am at 24 years old and actually considered by many to be a good public speaker (hence the title of my mixtape). True to form though, I will still maintain that I consider myself a shy person.

2. I procrastinate….a lot.  I hate it but often my best work seems to be when I’m under pressure, or so I’ve convinced myself to believe.

3.  Besides music, I’m really determined to break into the voice-over industry and make a legitimate amount of money through it. Actually, I’m just set up a little home studio and I’ll have a demo ready to send off sometime in the very near future. YOU WILL know my voice, haha

4. I think about making music so much it’s probably unhealthy. Seriously.

5. I’m married and I love it…maybe not a big deal to y’all but 4 years ago I would’ve never pictured it.  I wasn’t gonna be tied down for anyone, then I met that ONE.  It’s funny how people look @ me incredulously as if to say “why so young”? As Common once said…”it don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine”.

6. As a preacher’s son, I’ve always been a very spiritual-minded individual…I know my music isn’t 100% gospel but I feel myself going more in that direction as I mature spiritually.  Regardless, I hope my music will reflect the God in me, as Mary Mary would say. If that causes me to lose “fans” then fine…but I’d rather be true to myself.

7.  I’m getting a master’s degree that I have NO CLUE what job it’ll lead me to…but before you smirk, it’s completely for FREE, haha! If you work for the system, make sure it works for you as well. When this music thing takes off like I believe it will, something’s gonna have to give. Y’all can guess which one.

8. I guarantee you that I’m the only artist you know that would rather read a book than go to a club.  I don’t even think I’ve been to a club (well, church is like “Club Jesus” but nah….). Go on…call me a nerd but hey, I’d rather enlighten myself than pay $ to hold the wall & listen to music I don’t particularly care for.

9.  I dislike big cities and the inconveniences they bring, but I think it’s inevitable that my next move will be near one, seeing as that’s where many professional opportunities are. *sighs & get’s ready for 2-hour drives to places that are 10 miles away*

10.  I used to be a pretty good visual artist in terms of drawings and sketches, but I let that passion/talent waste away….it won’t happen again.

So there you have it, 10 honest things about Eazy! Feel free to bash me in the comments section. Be blessed & Be eazy.

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