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Liner Notes – Track #14: “A New Day” (prod. by The Synthesis)

January 4, 2010

OK…this is my “wake up & grind” anthem! I really made this song to inspire & motivate myself to do more…go harder & farther than before. Inspiration-wise, there was a lot weighing on my mind and really I was mentally fatigued…and it was like one of those moments where you hear a voice inside your head like “get up! get out & get something” (c) Outkast. No matter what I felt like I was going through at the time I wrote this song, I really just resolved that I need to push through it & get to my desired destination. Notice I began every verse with “I want…”, cuz well – I want everything within my grasp and I won’t stop until I get it. Even then I won’t stop, because with every new day there’s a new challenge, so rise up & get it! This is especially timely with the beginning of a new decade. No more excuses – if you want it, find a way to get it!

Lyrics-wise, this is one of my more wordplay-heavy songs, hopefully you catch some of the double entendres but if not…so what? I’m sure you can dig the message. This is a new day, so let’s do better and fly higher than we did yesterday.


I want the money and the power, every hour getting hungry
Every morning in the shower contemplatin’ how my funds be
The sunny days just run away, reflecting on my younger day
When I used to run and play, not thinking about another day
But times up, I’m off that, grown man B.I.
See I, rely on me myself and I – that’s three I’s
Now that don’t make sense, but my third eye is blind
To the obstacles I’m hoppin’ through while steady on the grind
And so I feel with it, kinda like a finger
Feel for the wheel as I drive, no blinker
Cuz if I blink I may miss my turn and crash it
My lens face the wind, no need for eyelashes
No windshields, I been chill, cooler than the windchill
Listen this is instilled, as if success has been sealed
All in all, a brotha ready for whatever though
A new day is coming, and for it I forever hope

This is a new day, so rise up and get it
Never will I stop the grind, just forget it
Day after day I’m ready for what’s next
Don’t worry dawg, I’m straight- just made for success

Verse 2:
I want the happiness and success, going through so much stress
Subjected to these tests, I’m wanting no less
Than the best, gotta succeed at all cost
All’s lost if I ever should fail, but naw boss I haul off
Never fall off, regardless of those
Who oppose, so I chose just to hold my pose
No repose I suppose I’ll rest when I’m deceased
Forever dreamin’ but I’m never sleepin’, to say the least
Gotta beast on these beats, get my ‘Rin Tin Tin’ on
Get my ‘dogs’ to ‘cop’ it, push it for a profit
Leak it to the streets, let ’em know that I been on
Till they want my Hancock, I guess I gotta ‘Rockit’
Still keep my hand cocked, writin’ till I rocket
And absorb with the orbit, one amongst stars
To the ones who shadin’ sons’ shine – you could never block it!
I project my success, meanin’ I’mma go far….

Verse 3:
I want it all and it’s amazing, raised in a day
Where your phrasings could pay for a space in the game
I Wheel for my Fortune, spinning with these stanzas
Hoping to see an answer, no need for Vanna White
Can I write while standing right under the rain?
I feel I must to see the light and to fight through all the pain
Change, is dangerous but really only if you satisfied
With the way it is, if you ain’t then you can’t just
Wait for miracle to come dawg I’m anxious
To seize whatever chance that I get to attain this
I bring this with me as I ride through the city
Lane switchin’ flame spittin’ hot fire in the city
Gimme, the wealth and good health – you can keep your riches
Myself? I’d rather switch it and remain on my pivot
Eyes forever trained ready focused for a new day
Staring my success in the face, now that’s the true faith”

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