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Liner Notes – Track #11: “Good Evenin’ Interlude”

January 11, 2010
Those who know me personally know how much I love spoken word…in fact it’s what led to me eventually rapping (lol @ the good ol’ college days spitting love poems over the radio for the ladies!). This isn’t just a random interlude thrown in there to show off the fact that I do poetry, but it really goes with the overall theme of the project and provides a fitting prelude to the last third of the songs. Plus, I gotta stick with my Roots (just call me Black Thought, haha)…ALWAYS a poet first – I just know how to make it flow on-beat!

Shout out to the homie JThrilla on the beat…discovered this joint on Youtube and just had to make sure I did something on it; he was more than willing to collaborate.

Only question is, are you NOCTURNAL?


As I think and ink begins to spill onto the paper
I ponder the possibilities
The who, what, when and where
Of future being that at the moment I just ain’t seeing
It’s funny how an ‘I’ can’t see what’s straight ahead
But a lie keeps you going instead
Headstrong…perhaps dead wrong in telling yourself
Your dream is just around the corner
So before the coroner comes to take it,
You just waiting to find your spaceship
Blast off….
And leave the rest of these earthlings behind
To become a star
We wanna be bright, light, luminous even
But even stars need darkness to shine brightest
So….Good Evenin’!
Welcome to the night!
Might be a long one, gotta be a strong one
Cuz things tend to go ‘bump’ here
Where the scariest things are those things you can’t see or touch
You know – love, hate, success, failure, faith
And the monster in the closet lacks tooth and claw
But if you truly saw it visually
You’d run like a nose with a bad cold
Oh God bless you –
Or maybe you wouldn’t flee
Now you see – that’s the beauty of life you dig:
And if you fail to choose, you choose to fail – sounds simple but
Going with the flow only gets you so far
Especially on Dark Knights like these
When if you have to ask “Y so Serious?”
You must be nothing but a Joker
Yeah it’s a lot at stake but it ain’t nothing like being at your own wake
Still breathing, yet alive but ambition victim
Wishin’ you woulda had that night vision
But instead you nothin’ but a prey animal
Dumbfounded by the darkness
Waiting………and waiting…….for an outcome
Or rather for something to come out
But I refuse to lose my composure
I’d rather become a composer of my own rhythm
Till the music gives exposure, and itself becomes light
Slashing through the night
You see? No more fright
Good Evening….are you noctornal?
I know I am.

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