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Liner Notes – Track #3: “I Speak” (prod. by The Synthesis)

January 20, 2010
This is a special song to me because it’s the first one I started (and one of the last ones I finished LOL). I actually started did the first and 3rd verses for another beat entirely before any ideas for doing The Public Speaker came to fruition. Originally, those verses were intended for a song I was doing over the “All Because of You” beat (remember Marques Houston? lol)…but since I decided to do completely original stuff I scrapped it for the beat you hear now from Synthesis. This could almost be considered an anthem for the whole project as I rap about the rationale & motivation for what I do.

Particularly the second verse really hit home for me, because you have a lot of rappers who we call “lyrical” just because they rhyme lots of words together, use nice punchlines or play with words. But at the end of the day, what are they saying? What is the message you are getting from their music? If the only thing you’re getting is “Well….I’m NICE WIT IT!”, then sorry–“skip”! And yeah, some will probably wonder why I’m wasting my breath when people obviously don’t listen to actual lyrics like they used to, but I know that as long as there’s SOMEONE out there who can appreciate it, then I’ve got a reason to spit like my life depended on it.

Verse 1:
“It’s such a feeling when I speak, and I’m hoping what I said rings
It’s so refreshing, it’s something like the best thing
Since sliced bread, I raise a toast..naw, naw not to boast
But I’m mostly posting the message deep within my quotes
Just to represent the hope, freedom & the struggle
It’s the muscle helping you push through life’s daily tussle
So even if they muzzled me after the song
My words will live on & speak far after I’m gone
These fellas rappin’ are clones, ok you clappin’ the chrome
Got these kids thinkin’ they have to have a gat to be grown
Now I don’t ask to be known as a teacher or a preacher
Just an instrument of God designing real rhymes to reach ya
So I am just a feature, an add-on to what I rap on
So if I speak to empty bleachers not a soul has sat on
I stab on, hoping that these cuts make a mark
As I speak, such a great journey, this is just the start

Verse 2:
I used to emulate these so-called lyrical rappers
Until I realized that half of what they say don’t even matter
Just mindless chitter-chatter, tongue-tricks just designed
To distract from the fact that they soulless in they rhymes
Empty rhetoric from the cleverest of MCs
Simply takin’ words just to waste they verses ramblin’ on the M-P-
3…Now listen, could you see me
Searching for a CD worthy of a repeat?
Only to find that ‘nan one of ’em is speakin’ ’bout
They type of things I can relate to so I guess they got me reachin’ out
Arms outstretched, palms open, words flowin’
And my slogan is ‘forever rep these real life poems’
Truthfully, I could speak like a dope boy to blow quicker
But I figure I’d give you more food and less liquor
So put your glass down and raise your plates
I’ll say the grace- let’s begin you can savor the taste

Verse 3:
I speak to break molds, I speak to save souls
Not for payroll, this ain’t my j-o
No slave to label, that take from table
No amazing fables of ‘Caine- still Able
To break chains & change the things we don’t know
And ingrain in brains to aim for their goals
Yes since prenatal – not even a day old
Those with halos engraved my main role
So I take the straight road, embrace the painful
Still got, ways to go from roads paved with gold
So not a lazy stroll, I take aim to grow
And re-frame the picture we refrain to show
So while you, gaze at those with jewels remainin’ froze
And entertained by flows and catchphrases chose
I retain a mindframe to stay engaged in prose
I pose just one thing–let me display my soul”

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