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Liner Notes- Track #11: Never Forget (prod. by The Synthesis)

February 4, 2010
This is one of my most personal songs…really it’s not much to say about this other than the fact that if you have a family member that’s locked up you probably know exactly how I feel. When I first heard the beat it instantly grabbed me…it gave me kind of a “Song Cry” (Jay-Z) feel so automatically it brought some emotions out that needed to be expressed.

Don’t forget about loved ones who are locked up! I know life goes on, but make sure you take the tell to let them know you’re holdin’ it down for them in the free world.


I should be ashamed of myself, I mean the nerve of me?
Talking this and that in my rhymes when my own flesh and blood
Is doing time in a cell, I mean it’s all fine and well when everybody is free
Not seeing that in another circumstance it would probably be me
Sent upstate to jail, sitting in an 8 X 12, Cous’ I should hate myself
Because it’s been over a decade since you first went in
And our communication decayed
I sent a couple letters, enclosed a few pictures
Those can’t replace the fact that you ain’t with us
I’m your fam, supposed to hold you down in the pen
But I didn’t, so I’m reachin’ out with this pen
I try to place myself in your shoes, imagine what you feelin’
When you’re sittin’ in your room trapped and starin’ at the ceilin’
Gotta pause & think, how different life would be?
If I wasn’t locked up – I mean what if it was me?
I probably break down the first day, catch it in the worst way
Go in on Monday then it’s suicide by Thursday
‘Love is an action’, you know that’s what the Word say
I couldn’t even send you a letter, on your birthday?
That’s some flaw thinking, no excuses I find
For lettin’ time pass by not helping you pass the time
But I apologize big Cuz, straight from the heart
You always been in our prayers though right from the start

Never forget dawg, that’s on my soul
Even if the time goes by from young to old
No matter what the case, though the seasons change
I pray the sun shines, just to ease the pain

Verse 2:
I know you hear it all the time Cuz, but till your time’s up
I hope you focusin’ on God just to get your mind up
Cuz when the well dries up, you gotta cross that river
Only He can be the judge, whether Saint or a Sinner
And I hope that you remember that
Man gave you the sentence, but one Word from God grants you forgiveness
And that is just the simple facts, if you ever feelin’ bad
Lift your eyes to Heaven and just listen to the spirit Black
Don’t worry about the lies and the dirt from people
Cuz truth is, no matter what dawg you’re a hero
In my eyes, any man who can look his demise in the face
And strive on, no matter what the case
Is worthy of my respect holmes, I promise that’s a bet holmes
And we gon’ celebrate the second that you get home
And so I send on this message straight to ya
Big Cuz, J.R….just lettin’ you know we miss ya


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