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Liner Notes- Track #6: “Somethin’ Beautiful” (prod. by Riggs)

February 13, 2010
In celebration of V-day, or “singles awareness day” as some call it…..

Love is beautiful, isn’t it? Not to be mushy or anything, but love is a big part of the human experience and hey…I’m in it so why not write about it? Riggs produced it, and my old school heads should recognize the generous Atlantic Starr sample in the hook (“All, in the name of love…”). You may notice that the delivery on this song is conversational b/c I wanted to make it as personal as possible. Of course, I’m talking to one lady in particular but based on your reactions, it seems lots of women are feeling this one. Also, instead of just talking about the feeling of being in love I thought it would be the most effective if I told a story with it (verse 1- introduction, verse 2- courtship, verse 3 – marriage/reflection).
Fellas, it’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself as long as it’s genuine…you gotta take off the mean mug every know & then ya feel me? I hope y’all enjoy it, so here you go!

Excuse me miss lady, I don’t mean to sound crazy
So pardon my speech for a little bit, is that cool?
You probably thinkin’ I’m a fool, or maybe some kind of perv
But listen, I really only wanna share a couple words with ya
I’ve been observin’ ya from across the room
And you’re very well put-together, so I assume
That your mama must have raised you right
You lookin’ right & your clothes ain’t gotta be skin-tight
So let me get right to it – I ain’t tryna be your man
I ain’t lookin’ for a one-night stand – that’s not even in my plans
I’m just saying that I’m drawn to ya
And if it’s wrong to ya, lemme know now
It’s cool, no pressure
It’s plenty of fish in the sea, and if we’re destined to meet
I’ll see ya once again and maybe then we can speak
A little more, but I’d rather take this moment right here
To converse with a real lady, I’m just makin’ it clear

Verse 2:
Now it’s been a couple of weeks since I first went to speak
I know you felt the same way from the way you started smiling
And showing your teeth, our conversation was amazing
You told me that you kinda shy, and how you’re feelin’ my cologne
When I walked by, and how you never met a guy from the Mac-Town
Perhaps now since you know about my background, we can walk around town
Or maybe in the park, just to hear the sweet sound
Of the bees and the birds while I tease you with words
And introduce you to my music – cruisin’
I’m thinking like, ‘maybe we should pursue it a little further’?
But hold on – should I do it? SHOULD I DO IT?
I’m catchin’ feelings but I don’t know if it’s really real
Maybe we should sit down and just tell each other how we really feel
This love thing is scary but I’m ready if you ready
We don’t even have to speed, just keep it slow and steady

Verse 3:
Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year since we said our vows
We always said that we would take it slow
And where this love train goes girl you never know
So rather than just pump the brakes we had to let it grow
I had to let you know the ‘Mac was dead, I found the Apple of my I
I-Tune to your frequency, it’s not about you freakin’ me
But rather that you speak to me, some call it dependency
My tendency to think about you carries on relentlessly
And I’m ready, for the times ahead
And if you scared, put your hand in mine, remember- I got you
Now some say we blinded by love, but I don’t mind
Cuz I find that the blindness, merely underlines this
Braille state of mind where I’m ‘feeling’ every word
Every bump every bruise every valley and each curve
Brings us closer together, this bond is unbreakable
Yours from the heart, just a song I dedicate to you”

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