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Liner Notes – Track #15: Outrolude + Bonus

February 20, 2010

Last liner note y’all!!!

“The Outrolude” honestly might be my favorite joint I’ve ever done so far. You know how you get in one of those grooves where everything just ‘feels right’? Well that’s what creating this song felt like. I needed a way to kind of provide a benediction to the album and bookend the music, so the lyrics were a way for me to say, ‘ok, you’ve heard everything I spit so far…if you liked it- great! If you didn’t – keep listenin’ & I promise you’ll find something’. All of this, while of course making it a lot more exciting than how it just sounded, LOL! I was looking for a laid-back beat for this one, a la’ Kanye West’s “Last Call” from The College Dropout and it turns out that the homie Riggs had a PERFECT one to cap off the project. I mean, listen to the sample echoing the words “Go out….” that’s dope & perfect for an outro! You may notice that I used a slightly different flow than usual on this joint, almost a “stop-and-go” style but that’s what came natural when writing to it. No forcing the flow here–“we off that” (c) Jay-Z/Drake. The line “So you can have the braggadacio, only go so far with a nasty flow/Cuz the real, in how you feel, is the deal/That people really rather know” is an epiphany I had a while back; basically I realized that that rappety-rappin-braggin’ stuff is cool in small doses but people only remember stuff that touches them. Lastly I only rapped 16 bars, because with my love for spoken word it was only fitting that I finish it off with a piece I wrote…hopefully it inspires someone.

Since there were so many people who rallied behind me and showed their support for this endeavor, it was only right that I shouted out some key people in making this a reality. And as a reward for listening to those generous shout-outs, I made sure I put a bonus track at the end for your enjoyment!

Listen here:

Now before I let you go, just a few words before I close
I hope that you’ve gathered hope, from each verse that I wrote
They my quotes, from my notes
That flow straight from my soul see
Now you know me, and if you don’t like it
Despite it I pray that hopefully you can grow with me
Then maybe you identify with my psyche

Cuz if you like me, you still tryna figure out the definition of what life means
So writing, is a way to express these feelings that come to me nightly
While I’m living check-to-check, you’d think I worked for Nike
So I’m still a starving artist, tryna spark it in a market
Where the audience is retail, I’m just tryna find my target
I-I started this, a couple years ago
When a brotha like me was scared to flow
Not professional yet, not cuttin’ no checks
So really this just a confessional

So you can have the braggadacio, only go so far with a nasty flow
Cuz the real, in how you feel, is the deal
That people really rather know
What matters most is that you realize that the power of words can change lives

So I’mma just keep on flowing till the day my words can change mine

Spoken word:

Life is art, art is life
To place limitation by suggesting mere imitation is a fallacy
Because each day is but a fraction
Of the canvas we are given from birth so…
Why not color it vivid by livin’?
We’re all artists so, every breath is like a brush stroke
Inhaling inspiration, expecting perspiration

But determination forces me to strive on
Let the bygones, gon’ by…stuck on Earth
So I let my songs fly
Hoping to reach the heavenly throne of the Most High
And now I pray that this spoken word provokes the urge within you
When it seems you’ve lost your way don’t give up

Just continue and then you will find
That you’ll be fine in due time
Just keep living and own every moment
For this existence is a gift, the present is a blessing
God-given so…
You see I can’t quit

Cuz as long as there are ears to listen
I will speak from my soul till there’s nothing left to give
And there’s no more life to life
And the Father calls me back to reclaim what’s rightfully His
Now I know I gotta go but,
Before my vocals fade out
And I trade out the stage to the tune of ‘Amazin’ Grace’

And the words just erase from my page and
The fire in my eyes is reduced to a dull haze
I propose…to commit to life
Forever, stay engaged….

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 21, 2010 11:13 am

    awesome song…and I love the fusion of spoken word…we have similar styles…get at me…

  2. March 21, 2010 11:17 am

    Thanks man…I’m definitely feelin’ your music too from what I’ve heard so far. I’ll definitely get at you sometime soon!

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