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Road 2 “The Raptism” pt. 3: “SheRose” (new song!)

April 14, 2010

Wassup family? In between sneezing from all the pollen (isn’t it even more disgusting when u realize it’s basically plant sperm spread e’rywhere?) and studying for this incredibly tough test from the bowels of hell…I put the finishing touches on a BRAND NEW SONG for y’all from “The Raptism”! I actually premiered it via performance at Art As an Agent for Change’s (A.A.C.) “Poetic Notions” event in Milledgeville (noRoethlisberger) last Saturday. Wasn’t sure how it was gonna go, because storytelling songs aren’t typically the kind most rappers perform, but people seemed to be feeling/taking in the lyrics- plus I ain’t trying to be like most rappers!

Shout out to Puzzle Productions on the beat! “SheRose” is a dedication of sorts to the fairer sex…3 stories; I hope you visualize the picture I’m painting. I’m not gonna go into length about it – just listen!!! Ladies, gents, graduates, gangstas, professionals & prankstas…I present to you “SheRose”:

Hope it touches your soul.

Be blessed & Be Eazy.

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