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#MM Spotlight: Track #1: IntroGroovin’ (prod. by Slikk Tim)

September 25, 2011


I know it’s been a WHILE since my last post on this thing, but now that Moonlighter’s Mindstate is out for your enjoyment, I’m ready to start back posting again. One of the things that I’d like to do is spotlight each of the 19 tracks from the mixtape…giving you some background and lyrics to follow along to as well. So, here’s to Moonlighter Mondays…I’ll be posting a feature every Monday on a track from Moonlighter’s Mindstate. Here’s the first one, “IntroGroovin’ “, produced by the homie Slikk Tim. Enjoy & be eazy.

MM#1: IntroGroovin’ (prod. by Slikk Tim):

Song audio:


“My oral illustration, be like pictorial demonstration to the blindest eyes/These Innervisions make you Wonder about the Key of Life/I guess I be the locksmith as I drop this/Preposterously, innocuous yet it’s obvious I’m from the Dirty/Yeah you heard me right/In every verse I write/Up until there’s nothing left, so then every verse is right–brained/ I’m in a state of mind so many others strain to find/A young Prince, always fightin’ with the Day and Time/Hmph…suppose I’m rhymin’ in a different lane/I want my songs to touch the sky – I guess I gotta make it ‘plane’/And though I’m scared of heights a brotha stay prepared for flight/While wrapped up in a groove that’ll soothe through them scary nights/My heart beats, every cadence is my blood flowin’/Air from the snare, the songs within me now growin’/So alive, inside the recesses of my soul right/This be that music that you play to get your soul right…”

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