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MM#2: The Manifesto (prod. by Flawless Tracks/Best Kept Secret)

October 3, 2011

The Manifesto is one of the first tracks I recorded for Moonlighter’s Mindstate. It’s already a fan favorite…I hope you feel it!




“Everybody seems like they wanna be rappers/I know what you thinkin’- I am one of these rappers/At the same time, I am none of these rappers/I am one with the flow – they just some ‘wanna-be rappers/Not to condescend, but there’s a ton of these rappers/Playing on the mic, just having fun in green pastures/What I look like, trying to run with these rappers/Chasing money & the fame when really none of these matter?/My lines be off-center, I call ’em sidebars/I wanna conquer the world, and then I find Mars/No matter if cash or lint’s in my pocket/If it’s bass in the place gimme space- I’mma rocket/Blast off to the rhythm, it’s the real you’ve heard/To the blind, this is braille you can feel my words (bump it)/Now how much longer I’ll be doing this? it’s Ludacris/My Peace is Disturbed, so it’s a disturbing piece it probably should be/I would be, doing a disservice if I service you with disses/Sounding listless and lacking a real purpose/No need to be nervous this is verses from wordsmith/Curtains cuz I’m certain, like I never heard the word ‘if’/Folks talking ‘gifted’ but they ain’t wrappin’ nothin’/Then talk slick cuz you can go and grab a gun/That sound like a hypocrite that’s quick to stab and run/Your career is in reverse and me – I only have begun/We all hypocritical, no lie I’m typical/Flawed individual, so every line is pivotal/Not kiddin’ you I know they wonderin’ whether I’m a gospel rapper/Like it’s a bad thing, and what does that mean?/First off, don’t ever put me in a box/I’m too well-rounded, ain’t no cornering my thoughts/Second thing, I thought that you would’ve known better/That if an MC had the realest flow ever, trying to Find his Forever/That you would have the Common Sense to respect it/If not, well then it’s your error/This is just the intro to show you what you in fo’/Hard instrumentals, writing so much my pen broke/Central, G-A, the Peach State, where we stay/Everyday, where brothas doin’ bids with no eBay/And we say, they lost souls from a tiny snotnose/Christians losing faith in folk, false apostles/Got good religion but religion got you good/Saying you follow Jesus but you never understood/(Good grief!) Such relief had to get it off my chest/Vexed, this my message made manifest/Yes, I’m inundated with flows to penetrate/So those that denigrate are just toast on dinnerplates/Please pardon my appetite, I’m eatin’ off this hunger/Dieting off that wackness, putting poems in practice/Exorcising these demons see I’m staying in shape/Till I come full circle and the cycle’s complete/That’s Square Biz, word to Teena Marie”

Be eazy.

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