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MM#3: Moonlighter’s Anthem (prod. by Adamack)

October 10, 2011

Not sure if I get it...


Yep. Really! Such goes the opening line to track #2 “The Manifesto” from my mixtape. Unfortunately, not everybody can be a rapper, at least in terms of what one does for a living. I put myself in that category, and that’s ok. One might even say that I prefer it in some respects. I have a burgeoning career outside of music – a “regular job” , if you will – and I love it and where it’s taking me. So where does the music come in? It’s like this…music makes me happy, keeps me sane, and motivates me to continue whatever I do to sustain myself/family in my everyday life. So yeah…it’s very necessary even if I just “moonlight” as a rapper. So I came up with this song “Moonlighter’s Anthem” as an ode of sorts to that lifestyle. It’s a dedication to those who have regular jobs/careers but still recognize the need to do something else to feed their creativity and prevent themselves from losing their natural-born minds. I make music…some tell jokes, write poetry, hunt/fish, play sports, etc. Adamack, who produced “Salute” from The Raptism, provided the instrumental which I found both triumphant and brooding at the same time. Weird combo, but it works for me and the theme I was trying to get across. Enjoy!



(Hook)Now let me tell what this life like/A long way from the parties and the bright lights/I’m on a mission as I’m trying to make these tunes right/I got a vision this the anthem as I moonlight/ [repeat]

(Verse1) These for my people workin’ hard to keep a 9 to 5, and pay the bills/It takes some heart to maintain through the grind, now let’s be real/I know you dream and it seems that you never reach the things/That you mean to, and lean to your hopes and self-esteem/Theme of a worker, that stay movin’ like intertia/Feels like runnin’ and you runnin’ but you still can’t get no further/I know that I don’t know you but I bet you got some goals true?/I see that hunger comin’ from ya, here’s your soul food/Those who be searchin’ for that spaceship, relate to this/Be plottin’ on your lunchbreak on how you can escape it/Meaning the madness when things just envelop your mind/If your fiendin’ for happiness I bless your endeavours to find/Whatever it is, your passion you do on the side/Or if it’s your job, you workin’ the day and the night/This your song, this your anthem turn it way up/Overtime grindin’, I promise it’ll pay up/

(Hook x2)

(Verse 2): God grant me the serenity to change the things that I am able to/And if I can’t, keep me if I should have to forsake the booth/I know I’ve made a few bucks, I mean shucks it ain’t much/When in such a struggle to defeat my troubles and luck/Is all I have, plus some prayers and a pad and pen/To keep the peace that I can grab within/Some consume themselves with following these fads and trends/That’s superficial, I could never be as sad as them/Because I have to spend some time exploring what my passion is/Only got one life, there’s none after it/So I rap and spit, when I can/Record for the people with a long track record/And they try to get a job but they can’t/But instead of just rob, they be crankin’ out strong rap records/And the people at work, feeling like dirt/Dead-end job and ain’t got no worth/People in the gutter and the little baby mothers/Who just need a little hope man I got your verse/Got your song for the long way home/When you’re thinking ’bout life and you’re all alone/Forever I write just to right my wrongs/And I promise y’all my moonlight stay on”/(Hook x2)

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