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MM #4: Round N’ Round (prod. by Petey Jakes)

October 31, 2011

To live is to struggle! Prospering means finding beauty in that struggle. “Round N’ Round” begins as a vent session about my problems and ends with me resolving to persevere. I wrote this during a time last year when it felt like I was thisclose to losing it mentally. Definitely packed some black history references in this verse too…

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Panama Jackson of for reaching out and hooking me up with this beat. Brotha is talented. As a matter of fact, you should head over to the site to check him out. Better yet, buy the book, authored by he and Damon “Champ” Young: Your Degrees Won’t Keep You Warm At Night: The Very Smart Brothas’ Guide to Dating, Mating, and Fighting Crime.



“Living life upon the precipice, when times seem desperate/And destiny’s irrelevant when presently I’m wrestlin’/With trying to figure out what my purpose is, I’m searchin’/For a reason to believe that there’s a worth behind my workin’/’Cause the churchin’ on the Sundays gives way to the Mondays/I want that flight to Heaven but it seems they closed the runway/And some say I’m a role model, I’m thinking I don’t see it/’Cause my picture of myself it really has yet to be completed/As I sketch out my existence on this notepad, I hope that/These quotes add to somebody’s resolve to never go back/To the lyin’ or the stealin’, the dealin’ or the cheatin’/I’m just speakin’ bout some healing, some dismiss it say I’m preachin’/And they don’t wanna hear that – well tell me what the business is/You perfect? Good then grab a mic and speak into the listener’s ears/We all trying to make it through, and get that greater view/It’s just sometimes man it feels like I keep goin’ round & around

Hook: And round and round we go, it’s the days of our lives you gotta find your role/And round and round we go, you gotta stay on your grind to find your pot of gold (Repeat)

It’s amazin’, working hard to be an honest earner/While I’m slaving, trying to suppress my inner Nat Turner/Times a wastin’, I got too many things upon the backburner/To find my Truth, in this booth I be that Sojourner/By Any Means Necessary, till they X me/Trying to break free of these struggles that arrest me/Investing my time and money into this grind/I’m running too fast, ignoring the stop signs/And ironically I’m getting nowhere, I see folks passing me/Enough for me to lose it if it weren’t for these rhapsodies/I’d rather be an athlete, making millions happily/Wouldn’t we all? But God has got another plan for me/I guess and the best is, yet to come/These tests got me restless, gimme them drums/On that beat, it’s that heat that helps me get up on my feet/I’m just hoping that one day I get free

Hook X2

I speak up and I’m angry, stay silent and lose my sanity/How can I address my problems and not compromise the man in me?/So is it Kunta or Toby? The problem is the deepest/I wonder if it matters…do I still come out ‘de-feeted’?/And if you don’t get it, well maybe you ain’t supposed to/It’s just my vocals from what I’ve been exposed to/Having to go through hoops just to prove that I belong/I’m like Obama on Trump’d up charges- so wrong/Is how they do ya, I’m prepared and I’m ready/Knowing “Things Fall Apart”, word to Chinua Achebe/Heavy, loads is what I’m bearing supposedly/I could just make it through if I can keep God close to me/Within these crazy cycle of my life on the daily/Important I stay focused on my target, no delaying/And that’s just how it is, and that’s just how it’s gon’ be/Round and round we go, where I’m headed I pray I grow to see”

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