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MM#5: Extraordinary (feat. Praverb the Wyse)

November 6, 2011

Why is it so hard to be great? We all dream of becoming extraordinary individuals, exceeding expectations and leaving a legacy…but of course, it’s never quite that simple. This song (produced by One Love Beats, by the way) has motivational feel to it…the type of track I could listen to when I wake up each morning to take on the day. I just want to be extraordinary! “The music feeds my hunger”….what feeds/motivates you? Shoutout to the brotha Praverb the Wyse on the feature…he’s a rock-solid lyricist. You should check his music at

Here’s a motivational speech by Charlie Chaplin in the film “The Great Dictator”…be inspired! I think the message here is harmonious with the general spirit of this song. Audio of song and lyrics are also below.

Charlie Chaplin’s Final Speech in “The Great Dictator”:



Hook: “Good morning it’s a lovely day/I’m sayin’ ‘man I gotta find a way’/I just wanna be extraordinary, I just gotta be extraordinary” (x2)

Verse 1: The irony of people admiring me is I try to be/Better than they’d expect from they pictures of success/Witnessing much stress and at times it gets grotesque/I never protest ‘cuz I know that I’m so blessed/Focus, with the dawning of a new day, I cherish the time/I date with destiny and marry the grind/Various times that I couldn’t see, my inner me had synergy/With He that lives within me, so my enemies can’t injure me/Humility is what I build on, I’m still a work in progress/I know my weakness so I’m still strong, real song/And I got bills due, not studyin’ no deals dude/The music feeds my hunger, I consider it real food/Spittin’ that real rap, it’s like they don’t even feel you/The industry will kill you before you reveal the real you/That’s why I’m looking at the world through my rearview/It’s just the frame of mind that I’m choosing to peer through


Verse 2 (Praverb the Wyse): Tired of plain clothes, tired of kicking lame flows/Detail what’s inside, let the pain grow/Focus on the approach and try to save souls/I use my lens on the world and let the frame grow/Great expectations, no entitlement, life is a journey with canteen survival kits/Strive for education, achieve success/Dedication, yes! The need to be blessed/Spit real in a world without decency left/Make a living, millions speaking through text/So I dream large, wanting to be a screen star/Star on the screen instead of spitting some clean bars/Give praise to God when things seem hard/Pray for smooth sailings, but things seem scarred/I reach out during the time of need, thank God I survived the streets/Survive with ease…


Verse 3: Magnificent, marvelous, maniacal martyrs/We die for the cause or just to harbor a harvest/Break backs to make stacks, then max and take that/And send it to whoever you owe just to pay back/Debts and student loans we been owing since way back/To keep that motivation I keep dreaming of Maybachs/I wanna be extraordinary but maybe I am already/I’m trying to be everything if you let me/And I’m gone…

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