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MM#7: Good Man (prod. by Freddy Fingers)

November 28, 2011

*slowly recovers from tryptophanic coma*

Shoutout to Freddy Fingers for his craftsmanship on this instrumental. “Good Man” is a spoken word interlude making fun of exploring the “good man” ideals and how appearances can be deceiving. I enjoyed making this one…lighthearted but it’s the truth as I see it! Nothing much to say except listen, share, and enjoy!



Word on the street is

There’s a shortage!

Like, we endangered species, the good black men are going extinct

What do we do?

Oh…his kind must be protected

Let’s put him in zoos to be gawked at, respected but ultimately neglected

Oh but, where are the good men?

Let some of y’all tell it

They exist merely in Tyler Perry flicks

Depicted by brothas like Shemar Moore…hmph.

Or maybe it’s that Hill Harper brotha

Writing Letters to Young sistas….hmph


Well where are the good men?

Perhaps it’s that cat with the sharp suit on

Good job? Check.

Good credit? Check.

No kids and baby mama drama? Double check.

So you decide to date him, try him out

I mean, what’s the harm in seeing what this guy’s about?

Hmph…his disguise is out

So y’all go on a few dates for a couple of weeks

You know, to those places where “bougie” folks like to eat-

His treat –

After all, any good man is a gentleman

Then, after an especially delectable outing he takes you home

He walks you to the door and you both pause

Now keep in mind it’s been a few weeks and your knees are getting a little weak

Maybe from wanting him or

The alcohol you so obligingly consumed an hour earlier

what do you do?

You guess you can trust him right? Hmph.

You let him in your place

And then that sacred space reserved for someone special

Reasoning that if you’ve got the Softest Place on Earth

He’ll never wanna Xscape

Traces of Your Lipstick outline a night with no inhibitions

Like a dream

And you wake up and he’s missin’?

Wherever could he have gone?

Such a good man!

You’re sure he went to work early right?


You try calling him…cell phone

Hmm….that’s strange. You remember he left his business card

Surely, he’ll be at work being such a good working man right?

Uh oh. So by now you figure you’ve been had…

Ok, cool. Not the first, maybe not the last time

But… least it was fun

Until about a week later and you come across the realization that your monthly visitor is late

So all is not lost

In fact, he helped you add to the family

While subtracting himself


But he was such a good man!


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