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MM#8: SheRose rmx (feat. Dizzle, prod. by Eurostarz)

December 4, 2011

Songs about the fairer sex (particularly in hiphop) can span from outrageously misogynistic to well, pandering and  corny as all get-out. When done right though, they have a tendency to stick with you, whether you’re a female or male. The original SheRose was the first track I released from The Raptism, and immediately got great feedback from the public. Produced by the Eurostarz/Puzzle Productions, the beat is an expertly flipped/looped sample from Kill Bill...I’m sure anyone who’s familiar with the series recalls that eerie whistle.

The original SheRosewas so well-received that I decided to do a remix of sorts, with a guest (the homie Dizzle from my hometown of Macon, GA) and brand new verses with a bit of a spoken word monologue to close it. Poignant storytelling…but listen for yourself! Lastly, one of my favorite old-school jams is by the group New Birth, it’s called Wildflower and shares a similar theme…it actually inspired me to write this song. Peep it, then audio of SheRose rmx and lyrics below.



Verse 1:
I sat down and had this convo/With a women that was confused at first/Perused her hurt, and she became the muse for this verse/And she was fed up, with the brothas that messed her head up/To her surprise, I told her “that’s lies, I heard the story before/ If you really were done, then why can’t you understand that you are worth more/Then letting yourself be fooled by some game/These lames be kicking like pros”/She said it’s not her fault, I asked her why/She looked distraught, then her reply/Was that she should be able to trust in us instead of living a lie/I said okay that’s cool but even a pretender needs a fool/To believe him, I mean really they call it ‘game’ for a reason/It takes two to play/And then she say, whatever it is it’s foul/But birds can fly away and she can’t, I pause for a second and rethink/That maybe she’s just a rose stuck on earth beneath the clouds/She still needs some rain to fall before she grows and reaches full strength/I told her ‘peace’, went separate ways/and never saw her after that day/I wonder if she got her act together, I can only pray

Verse 2(Dizzle): She reached out and said “don’t leave, I swear to God you all I got/See my mama was an addict, I was molested by my pops/For years I cried inside, while this Negro climbed on top/I’m screaming ‘make it stop’, my mama steady smoking rocks/My granny said the Lord won’t give you nothin you can’t handle/I miss our conversations, she died last year from cancer/I got so many questions Lord but lack so many answers/In the midst of all this pouring rain somehow I feel like dancing/Cause if don’t I know sooner or later I’ll lose my mind/Lost my uncle, lost my aunt, lost my pops, lost my moms/So many people loving life, well tell me why I hate mine?/I tried so many times but failed miserably to take mine/I woke up in the hospital, they I’m lucky to be alive/I’m looking at life different like, I really coulda died/So now you know the reason why I act the way I act/You see that crack in that pavement? I rose from that”

Spoken Word: Young or old, rich or poor….a woman’s soul is complex and intricate. Delicate enough to be damaged from just a touch but strong enough to endure the roughest times. That strength belies her beauty; the will inside her truly radiates outward to inspire us all as she rises to the sun. You brothas can keep your rolls and fancy clothes, I suppose that’s fine but…I’d rather have a Rose, like She.

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