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MM#9: For Lovers Only

December 12, 2011

Nothing wrong with a good ol-fashioned love song.

Love is great. I’m man enough to stand behind that statement…also man enough to make an honest song about it  In rap, cats will make songs about love quite often – that of money, that of “the game”, of music…but honestly many of the traditional songs saluting the girlfriend, wife, etc. fall flat into an endless dribble of cliche’. You saw the link I included in the last post right? Yeah…there’s that. It’s more than just the fairytale euphoria though…staying in love is about…..well let me be real, I’ve only been married for 3 years so I’m still learning myself. Nonetheless, it’s my viewpoint on the love that I’m experiencing. Notice that there’s only one rap verse…the rest is spoken word monologue – old school-style. I miss the times when singers would talk for 2 or 3 minutes and really let the mood of the song settle in. Example 1   Example 2

Anyways, the instrumental on this track is the only “non-original”; it’s actually from Half-Forgotten Daydreams (John Cameron).  Some may remember it from the Nacho Libre soundtrack. It’s an amazing, cinematic instrumental that honestly, I just couldn’t resist interpreting myself lyrically. Peep the original by Cameron below, followed by the actual song For Lovers Only and the lyrics. Be eazy.

Audio (For Lovers Only):

Forever in love, it’s not just a phrase to say/when going gets tough, I’m here for the day-to-day/Some cats are twisted, they think they can stay and play/But I won’t, I be thinking many men put they work before they wife/I mean, work before they life/I’m saying really c’mon really is it worth the sacrifice?/it cost to be the boss, every venture has a price/I don’t want it if it means I have an empty bed at night/Not to sound sentimental, I know grown men feel it/You’ve worked 12 hours to come home and deal with/The tug of war, between getting paid and love of course/It’s crazy, but remember all’s fair in love and war/But what are we struggling for? Because we in trouble…or/Is it because we want to be together forevermore?/I know that we better for it, it’s part of the dance/We two-step to the beat of my heart in your hands because you….don’t ….you don’t have to worry ’bout a thing

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