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MM#12: Mirror Mirror (prod. by Mykenificent)

May 21, 2012

Yeah. I’m back after a 3+ month hiatus! What…you thought I was kidding when I said I only moonlight as a rapper? Bills to pay, son! Well…anyways, MM#12 is featuring the track “Mirror Mirror”, produced by Mykenificent. Bruh flipped a nice classic Smokey Robinson sample and provided an enticing backdrop that I couldn’t resist making a song out of. This is easily the most laid-back, playful song on Moonlighter’s Mindstate; basically, it’s about being happy 100% with who you are as a person. To quote Jay-z, ” I could walk down the hall of mirrors in Versaille and be so satisfied when I look myself in the eye”! Had a lot of fun creating this song…hopefully you have just as much fun listening.



Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me somethin’/Is it wrong of me to think that these people can’t tell me nothin’?/Ain’t no frontin’ on my style it’s plain to see, plain to see/Ain’t no fakin’, I’m just sayin’ this is me, this is me”

Verse 1: Son of a preacher…/I guess that’s how I learned to be a public speaker/On the microphone, I might’ve known a time when I was lost/But now the light is on/So now I’m on this path, I’ll never swerve like my tire is blown/It’s I alone/And now my eye’s have grown/To see straight through the lies that’s on/Your TV plasma screens, so sad it seems none realize it’s wrong/To get the truth from Viacoms, they stay in the box like styrofoam/that’s why I opted to write this song/So you can catch contact from the high I’m on/On, another note, who’s real and who’s fake?/The “I” is the beholder in the mirror that you face/Can you relate to what I’m saying or has the verse become a waste/Of your time? If so, I’m certain/You need to check how your mind’s workin’/But back to myself, I got my health/I got my wealth/I got my checks, I got success/And no matter how it is I’m just sayin’ that I’ll never change/And if I do I’ll still be me, put that on everything


Verse 2: Mirror, mirror this is just my reality/magnanimous mentality regardless of my salary/I be on that Wiz tip, nah no Khalifa/The Rolling Papers I have are degrees not reefer/True I never been a chiefer but my fans be believers/So I still reach the most “High”, catch it like receivers- Fever/Yeah it sound sick/All because I’m grounded/Or maybe cuz I’m all alone, no clones all around me/Fresh, without no logo/Never needed no Polo/Like the rest of these bozos, showing off in they photos/No no that ain’t my mojo while living life in the slow-mo/Got ups and downs like yo-yos/I’m chillin’ sippin’ hot cocoa – mirror, mirror/Can you see me, and who I aim to be/I know you true and won’t just show me who I claim to be/Shamelessly and I know nobody can be in the same lane as me/It ain’t strange and naw it really ain’t lame it’s me

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  1. August 22, 2013 3:26 am

    Hi! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Austin Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

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