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MM#13: Peter Pan

May 29, 2012

Don’t act like you don’t remember that commercial. Youth is funny, man. You spend your entire childhood wanting to be an adult and you spend your adulthood longing to hold on to your childhood! At least I do, anyway more often than I’d like to admit. Instead of whining about it as I look at the piles of bills, work schedule, and general list of grownup responsibilities…I decided to express it in song. Hence the title, “Peter Pan” explores the desire to revisit youth. Shoutout to Riggs Productions for the beat.



Verse 1: I wanna be a kid again mama, no stress or drama/No job no bills, no more checks to ponder/I been blessed & honored just to find myself/But it seems, I just wanna rewind myself/To my dreams, when they were simple as a child I felt/That deep inside myself, I could drive myself/On the road to success no need to cry for help/Or sit back & wait on the demise I’m dealt/But it’s funny how much things change at such a fast pace/When I’m in the rat race, it feels like a bad place/The cheese I aspire for still leaves a bad taste/The innocence is lost and I still keep the sad face/Gotta own up to being grown up, and all the while/I’m choosing to deny and abuse my inner child/And it’s killing me inside, and eating away at me/I’m just saying, is it too much to wanna be happy?

Hook: I wanna be a kid again mama, I just wanna be a kid again mama (repeat)

Verse 2: Somebody wonderin’ to themselves where it went wrong in a jail cell/Like how’d I end up here? An 8 X 12 hell/Did I fail? Well…it’s a tell-tale/When I’m behind bars and no chance for bail, bail/I didn’t ask for this, I never planned it but/I feel I was raised without certain advantages/And even as a young kid, all that I could manage was to struggle to survive/Whether or not I could handle it/I make no excuses, I did what I did/Just the problems that you find when forced to grow up as a kid/What was I to do when mama said we gettin’ evicted?/What was I to do, except to start pitchin’/To base-runners until my strikes up, yeah life sucks/At times, now I’m stuck using my life up, for crimes/I committed so long ago/All because I was too young, man I had to grow up

*Spoken word*

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