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MM#14: These Voices (prod. by Ben Rosen)

June 3, 2012

That looks…slightly painful.

Little known fact: “Am I Crazy?” was the original title of this project. If any song is evidence of this, it’s “These Voices” (prod. by Ben Rosen). The beat itself is eerie, with random voices echoing throughout….and of course I fell in love with the weirdness of it and thought it’d be perfect to describe my thoughts. What thoughts, you ask? Confidence countered with insecurity, perception vs. reality…really, just the daily inner struggle that I suspect others have with themselves. And quick side note: I’m from the South (GA, to be exact)…casually, I say “folk” at the end of my sentences sometimes. So, what up folk?  Listen & enjoy.



Hook: I got these voices in my head, folk/And it’s something that I never been prepared for/On one hand, I’m wondering why I’m even scared for/But on the other, I just wish I’d be more careful

Verse 1: If they spit venom, I guess I’m the antidote/Got many quotes beyond mere anecdotes for those with slanted hopes/But why should they listen when my jewels don’t glisten?/I ain’t rockin’ in no clubs, will they love my renditions?/No pass, for those who rhyme elementary/They ‘low-class’, I blow past ’em, like it was meant for me/Is it really though? Or are these really silly flows/With no real purpose behind ’em besides rhymin’ syllables/I’m like a judge, I put so much potential behind bars/I’m handing out these sentences for life, I’m a star/But stars burn out, I don’t know how this’ll turn out/You gotta grind for a while, I’m saying I wanna earn now/I got my pride, I ain’t ‘lion’ to ya, my ‘mane’ goal/Is to bring the sky to ya, till there’s clouds at your ankles/That’s mighty ambitious though, and I’m wonderin’ can I do it?/Just these voices in my head got me crazy, now I’m clueless


Verse 2: So now I gotta nice job huh? I’m moving up/More money, more problems, that’s what they say/Life is good and it’s every bit as rosy as I knew it was/Feeling stress from all the pressure and my hair’s getting gray/They say I’m like a role model and everybody’s praising me/If they only knew I’m insecure, that’s my mindstate/Last week I’m at a banquet and all the glasses raised to me/It’s funny…I’m only a wrong decision away from boosting the crime rate/I’m making moves, got 2 degrees & thinking ’bout a third/But why…degrees are paper, they don’t guarantee more paper/I’m not doing this for money, education is the word/That’s that bull…sounds great now, but I’ll regret it later/I’m seeing greatness in my future, and God is blessing left and right/But I’m in the Devil’s sights, a storm’s coming to make me lose it/I’m ready for the storms, any war I’m ready to fight/It’s just the voices in my head got me crazy, now I’m clueless


Verse 3: So what do I do when I don’t have a clue?/Especially when both of these voices are true/I’m feeling the blues, I’m getting confused/I’m needing a sign, just give me a cue/I’m losing my mind, running out of time/Got so many thoughts, lemme write ’em down/If that don’t work, lemme grab that mic/If I spit my pain, I’mma be aight/Some say it’s insane/I’m touched in the brain/But if you were me/You would feel the same/Too many voices/Too many choices/Sick, feeling so lost/This is not a game/But maybe it’s cool/Does this happen to you?/Do you hear these/Crazy voices too?/If so then rap the hook with me…I got these voices in my head/


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