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MM #16- Protect Me (prod. by 2Deep)

June 25, 2012

Anger is quite the powerful emotion; dangerous if left unchecked. “Protect Me” is probably definitely my “angriest” song to date. At the time when I wrote it, I was going through some tough times that really changed my outlook on some people…long-story short, I was learning the hard way that not everyone can be trusted. Novel concept, I know. Rather than react in a manner unbefitting a southern gentleman (ha!) I vented about it on a song instead. Of course, I still handled business and addressed the problem though. 2Deep produced the beat for this; he also did “Touch the Sky” on The Raptism. Check it out and enjoy.
Be eazy.



Verse 1: Nightridin’ to clear my thoughts cuz I’m feeling lost and lonely/Like nobody understands what I’m going through, hold me/Pressure to be successful is lately gettin’ too stressful/Soon as you think you special, situations will test you/Seein’ demons in broad day, they smilin’ in hallways/Always disguised as angels to give you favors/Seems innocent now but I promise it shows up later/People claimin’ it’s love but they tear you down like they hate ya/Products of human nature, just part of my observation/While wandering in the wilderness, gotta watch for the snakes uhh/And this based on experience, survival/Meditatin’ on wisdom from scriptures within the Bible/Gotta stay focused, remain levelheaded/So much evil in this world that’s premeditated/Got me going crazy in my mind, these thoughts they just vex me/I’m asking God if you hear me, just protect me

Hook: I’m walking through the darkness or am I just blind/From these fears and these thoughts that’s running through my mind/The evils of this Earth at every turn, just to test me/Every night I’m praying dear Lord just protect me (Repeat)

Verse 2: In this darkest chapter of my life, I thank God for my wife/My insanity is managed cuz she comforts me at night/I’m feeling paranoia, who can I trust, who are my enemies?/So many are friendly, but is it cuz they envy me?/I’m movin’ up in the world, I guess so I’m a target/You fly high, some wanna shoot you down, such marksmen/Pardon the darkness inherent in my tone/But when my pen sparks, it has a mind of its own/Grown to become a man, only to understand/If your skintone is tanned, you prone to disadvantages/How can I bandage this? Cuz from my vantage/It’s trouble at my doorstep, I’m trying not to panic/Granted, I’m doing better than most, what I’m complaining for?/I’m trying to get better than close to what I’m aiming for/I’m nearer to my goals, yet so many foes oppose/I need protection, as I try to find these open doors



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