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MM #17: Someday (prod. by MIDI Marc)

July 23, 2012
Only 4 of far too many.

If you don’t appreciate Donny Hathaway…I just don’t know what to tell you, honestly. “Someday” is based on hope for the future, similar to how Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free” spoke of not letting the world “get you down”.  So much is wrong with the world, but it’s important to maintain a sense of optimism to keep your sanity, if for nothing else. Someday, I hope that people of all races/ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual preferences,etc. will truly be treated as equals. I know, novel concept but get real, right? I hope my children will grow up without fear of police taking their life. Yeah, I wish for a world where the people hired to protect us will actually do that…instead of this. I hope for a day where Trayvon Martin, Rekia Boyd, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell & others will in fact, not be followed by hordes of other similarly-complexioned people as victims of government-sanctioned execution. Someday. Until then, we keep fighting. Here’s some music to help you get by; shoutout to Midi Marc for allowing me to use this beat.



Verse 1: Donny said ‘we gon’ be free’ and I believe him/ But sometimes it seems to hard to reach, and that’s the reason/Why I write these songs, I might be gone tomorrow/So I promise I’mma make the most of time that I’ve borrowed/From the good Lord, I hope he hear me and keeps his angels near me/And if I’m lost, give me guiding light to see more clearly/Lost generation, tossed in the matrix/Plot to escape it, lots never make it/School of hard knocks done gave ’em scholarships/Learn it well or you fail, gettin’ grazed with hollowtips/Politics astonishing for brothers to fail/Then the story’s on the  news for others to tell/Hear me well/That’s the way of the world as seen through my eyes/I say a little prayer in the morning whenever I rise/That’s how it’s gotta be, well at least for me/I can’t wait for the day that I can say we all are free someday…

Verse 2: They say that life’s the best teacher, with no makeup exam/So make the best of every lesson as you make up your plans/Easier said than done, I know, when living below the heavens/And things have gotten so bad that you can’t trust the Reverends/I guess I’m Long-winded, pardon my rambling/I hope you don’t mind, it’s my way of keeping sanity/I suppose it’ll come together, for real/When we gon’ stop tearing down, it’s better to build/My people’s pain runs deep, only Heaven can heal/But you’re numb to the struggle and never to feel/Someday, I got some questions to ask/If you just grant me a moment, I promise it won’t take long/Now if we saying that we tired of the hate, why do we say that it fuels us?/When really it’s just a tool that’s used to subdue us?/Why are we quick to make a life, but not as quick to make a wife?/I guess a family ain’t a family no mo’/A sad sight to behold, on your TV screen, repeats the theme/A young teen has his dreams extinguished on the scene/It’s a homicide, his momma cried and asked the Lord ‘why?”/Why he have to take her son? That was her life/Why they gotta take the good ones? My God/I know it’s all for a reason but still it’s hard/So hard/Someday, they say I’ll be a preacher/And I just laugh, but I can’t deny the stirring in my soul that I have/But I ain’t there yet, am I a sinner though?/I’m saying man, I try to give my tithes in them envelopes/Now I don’t have proof that what I’m saying is true/So really it’s just my truth that I’m displaying to you/Someday I’ll look back on the times I had to cry/And realize it’s all good/Then reminisce for a second on the time that passed me by/For real man…it’s all good/That’s how I know someday we just gotta be free…

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