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MM# 18: Beautiful Life (feat. CJ Little, prod. by KloudNine Music)

July 29, 2012

I love beaches. Beaches are serene. Beaches are relaxing. Beaches remind me to find beauty in the ugliness. Beaches are great.

This is it folks – the last”Moonlighter Mondays” feature! Thanks for rocking with me.

I love albums that end on a high note; leaving the listener something to either ponder, reflect upon, or most importantly, feel something. It was especially important for me to do this with Moonlighter’s Mindstate, given the rollercoaster of emotions that I take the listener through from tracks 1 – 19. For the closer, I was able to to get a very gifted singer, my young homie/fake little brother CJ Little to kill the hook. Yeah…he put his foot in it…young brotha has a very bright future ahead of him. Just listen to the words in the chorus “Don’t ever let your future be decided by your past” – wise words from a 20 year-old!  Just as the previous track provided a glimpse of hope, “Beautiful Life” emphasizes the importance of gratefulness to augment that longing for better days. Your life might not be perfect now, but like I always say: every day above ground is a good one. Every last one of them. I consider myself very fortunate to have the life I lead; if it weren’t for God allowing a few twists of fate to work in my favor, I shudder to think what position I’d be in right now (and that’s IF I’m alive). I’m sure you can recall instances where you could’ve or should’ve been dead, or locked up in prison, or bankrupt….but somehow you made it unscathed, through no measure of your own merits. Just be thankful…some people aren’t as lucky. Enjoy this one and spread the love and positivity.

Be eazy.



Verse 1: Sketches of my existence, drawn among the trenches/I hope they make a masterpiece while life’s in my clenches/Relentless grind from, birth to hearse/At times I wonder if flowers are worth the dirt/To plant ’em, cuz they need light/But also need rain, you & me might as well figure the same/Thing, is necessary to grow/Forever carrying old experiences only weighs you down/It’s necessary to know, however heavy the load/It gets better once you stay around/I know it’s tough to understand sometimes because peace is something you ain’t had to a chance to find/I take a glance at my notebook/And I promise y’all I see how hope looks/That’s how it works, gotta find your oasis/It’s a beautiful life, don’t ever waste it

Hook (CJ Little): Life is full of beauty, so enjoy it will it lasts/Don’t ever let your future be decided by your past/Cuz life is way too short so take every second/And every moment, and live it up, just live your life

Verse 2: As the beat starts, and my mind goes/I’m steady searching for ways to redefine those/Words that they use to define the way my lines flow/Finding that I’m blinded, when inside the beat my eyes’ closed/And I suppose that, if I expose my soul on this music, the world would wanna hear it/But yet and still, on this road to make a mill/Between their eyes and my heartbeat there’s a huge interference/And I am fearing that my voice would be silenced/By loud gunshots, they fascinated with violence/It’s deafening/And if I’m severing the ties to this music before I bought that wedding ring/I forever sing this last tunes dear God I have to/And for your mercy in these raps dear God I ask you/Now I ain’t saying rapping is synonyms for singing hymns/But if my sentences sinnin’ then I’m finishin’ up these last words/Please forgive me for pennin’ them


*Monologue/Spoken Word*


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